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Law of Averages
In the future, everyone at school is average. Except for Hannah Waters. And she's willing to break the rules no matter how much trouble it causes.
Runner up in Real Writer's 2000 short story competition

Pan- : all-inclusive; Aphasia : inability to understand or produce speech. What would happen if you woke up and everyone had stopped talking?
Published in World Wide Writers 14
Reprinted on Infinity Plus

The Aspirant

Inspired by jealousy and obsession, Janet will do anything to be like her heroine Artemis, to have the gift of the Rhyming.

Published in World Wide Writers 11
Reprinted on Infinity Plus


Alec's dying father made him promise to take up an instrument, and Alec intends to honour his memory. But his friends have other ideas.

2nd prize in World Wide Writers 8
Finalist in World Wide Writers' 1999 competition

A letter found in an attic, written by a Victorian gentleman. Surely just an interesting piece of history. Or is it something more?
Published in Scheherazade 17



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