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You should be able to view these pages with any browser. I don't agree with making web sites that only work with one program - you should be able to use whatever software you like!

This site was created using a prehistoric version of Macromedia's Dreamweaver software, aided and abetted by some hand-tweaking of the HTML in a good old text editor.

The graphics were created with the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) - surely the best free paint program ever created. It was designed for computers running Linux and Unix and is admittedly complicated, but there's very little it won't do. Tor Lillqvist has unofficially converted it to run on Windows and, although occasionally unstable, it's eminently usable. With practice, even someone as artistically challenged as me can get results.

All of the stories and articles were written (and re-written, and re-written) with my own RoughDraft. I always use the latest unreleased version that I'm still in the middle of programming because: (a) it gives RD a thorough testing, and (b) I like the thrill of danger I get wondering if it's going to crash.*

Files were uploaded with WS_FTP LE - a program whose only real fault is that no-one knows what it stands for.

I created this site over the course of a few weeks, fueled by the twin narcotic influences of tea and coffee. And a few choc-chip cookies.


* But seriously, I've never lost any work due to a RoughDraft crash. I'm proud of that!


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