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This is my Home Page. Here you can find details of the fiction and articles I have written, a complete bibliography, plus details of my word processor for creative writers - RoughDraft - and other sundry bits and bobs about me.

Enjoy, and use the e-mail button if you have any suggestions.


13 December 2009 It will probably come as no surprise that I won't be doing any more development on RoughDraft. I've been meaning to announce this for a long time - apologies to those who were hoping for a new version. At this point it would require a complete re-write, and with my novel-writing commitments, I simply don't have the time.

A huge 'thank you' to all those who used it, took the time to test it, submitted bugs, and sent kind words - you made it a truly rewarding project. I'll keep it available for download here. I'm told it works on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but I haven't tested it myself. It can also be made to work (at least partially) on Mac or Linux by using Wine. I can't provide any guarantees when running it this way, but if you want to give it a go, be my guest!
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