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6 ducks out of 6 from Nonags.

5 cows out of 5 from Tucows - "RoughDraft is a great word processor, especially for writers ... easy to use and very convenient ... extensive online help."

5 stars out of 5 from ZDnet - "Grab a free WP perfect for writers."

4 smileys ("Outrageous") out of 5 from Rocket Download. - "As someone who grapples with Microsoft Word everyday, I can certainly appreciate the simplicity and functionality of RoughDraft. It's a word processor designed by a writer for writers."

5 pink flamingoes out of 5 from DailyPost.

5 blobs (out of 6) at BestFreeware (Germany).

9/10 rating at (France).
4 and a half arrows out of 5 from easyfreeware.
Featured at Lockergnome: "A word processor for those who like to write? Yeah, but aren't all word processors made for us? Actually, no... If only Hemingway had used this... he could have written about so many other fish."
5 stars (maximum) from SuperShareware.
4 stars from 5 Star Shareware.
Program of the day (March 2001) at Jumbo.
5 stars at File Transit.

5 doves (maximum) from Completely Free Software - "This is a fabulous word processor! ... Even if you have a commercial word processor, like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, grab a copy of RoughDraft. You will find it faster to load, faster (and easier!) to use, and it will do just about anything you want..."


"If you do a fair bit of writing, RoughDraft may well change the way you work -- for the better ... RoughDraft is a gem."

" ... whether you are a casual writer, or a professional playwright, or just want a really fully featured text editor, then look no further than RoughDraft."
"A surprisingly feature-filled program at an unbeatable price."
"Rough Draft's features will have any kind of writer salivating."
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